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GitHub & Wix Engineering Day 2017

Updated: Jun 17, 2018

Wix is such a great global example of best practice in software engineering. With developer happiness at the core of Wix’s culture, Wix has become an awesome leader in the GitHub user community. We are therefore thrilled to be in Israel sharing information and best practices. Best of all has been all the great feedback. We loved it - we’ll be back.Alex Purkiss, GitHub

For us at Wix Engineering, Open Source is more than just code or a great Octocat figurine.It's about community, sharing and creating great things together. This is why we were thrilled when GitHub accepted our invitation to lead a shared meetup, and have an official GitHub & Wix Engineering, full day conference, talking about and exploring together OSS and the OSS community.

Here’s a taste from that awesome day. Bas Peters from GitHub talked about gathering community around OSS and showed us new ways to build a strong community for open source projects, and how to give our community members the confidence to contribute.

Bas also talked about the importance of documentation and automation and shared some ideas on how to promote our OSS projects:

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This post was written by Danielle Kanish

You can find her on LinkedIn


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