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Platform as a Runtime: Unveiling Next-Gen Infrastructure

Wix Engineering Meetup & panel

Wednesday, March 27th, 18:00
Wix Campus, Tel Aviv


About our meetups

Wix Engineering's meetups center around technical insights, spanning front-end, back-end, mobile, testing, and everything in between. This time, we delve deeper into the domain of Platform Engineering and its vast potential.

Join us as we explore insights gathered from Wix Engineering's extensive experimentation and experience with Platform as a Runtime.


18:00 — 18:30

Pizza & Gathering

18:30 — 19:15

Aviran Mordo,
VP Engineering at Wix

When DevOps Runs Its Course – We Need Platform as a Runtime

In this talk, Aviran will describe how Wix is pushing this trend even further to build its own Platform as a Runtime (PaaR) infrastructure that allows developers to develop faster, better with higher quality.
By allowing nano deployments of different modules into a “SingleRuntime” inside a robust internal platform that handles many of the non-functional concerns developers are facing on a daily basis.

Aviran Mordo is VP Engineering at Wix. He has over 30 years of experience in the software industry and has filled many engineering roles and leading positions, from designing and building the US national Electronic Records Archives prototype to building search engine infrastructures.

Aviran is a tech-savvy and a technology blogger, with vast knowledge of internet technologies, software engineering, team building, continuous delivery and a dev-centric culture advocate. Follow him on LinkedIn and visit his blog.

19:15 — 20:15

Roni Enzel Elman, Lital Morali, Ittai Zeidman, Gal Sharir, Zohar Moneta

Panel: When Platform Engineering Comes Knocking at Your Code – D2D Questions and Impact

How can developers achieve faster, better, and higher-quality development? Join us for an open panel discussion with Aviran Mordo, Roni Enzel Elman, Zohar Moneta, Gal Sharir, Lital Morali and Ittai Zeidman as they delve into Wix's approach to building its own Platform as a Runtime infrastructure. 
Together, they will explore how nano deployments of different modules into a unified "SingleRuntime" are revolutionizing development practices, and share more insights on how this internal platform is effectively addressing many challenges developers encounter daily.

20:15 — 20:45



Gal Sharir


Gal Sharir

Backend Guild Master

Lital Morali


Lital Morali

R&D Manager

Roni Enzel Elman


Roni Enzel Elman

Nile Group Manager

Aviran Mordo


Aviran Mordo

VP Engineering

Ittai Zeidman


Ittai Zeidman

Backend Guild CTO

Zohar Moneta


Zohar Moneta

Backend Developer

Join us

Wednesday, March 27th, 18:00

Wix Campus, Yunitsman St 5, Tel Aviv-Yafo.

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