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At Wix Engineering we practice top-notch development methodologies such as TDD, CI / CD, functional programming and clean code to solve some of the most challenging internet-scale problems that exist today. Our developer-centric approach places responsibility and trust on each developer on their path to production, to think end-to-end and completely own the architecture of their features and their performance in production. At Wix Engineering we work with cutting edge technologies such as Scala, React.js, React Native and many tools to deploy on a daily basis.

Wix R&D make up 50% of Wix’s workforce, and we invest 20% of our time in training our engineers and improving our craftsmanship. Wix engineers are encouraged to share their knowledge with the entire developers community and contribute to Open Source projects.  

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2000 microservices

16,656 Experiments

125 600 deployments




Organizational sturcture



While Wix engineers primarily work within their companies, they spend 20% of their time with their “guild”. A guild is a group of engineers who perform similar engineering roles throughout Wix,
such as "Frontend" or "QA". The purpose of guilds is to provide engineers with common technological and educational tools, promote best practices, care for professional growth, encourage sharing ideas across companies, and improve developer velocity. Guild activities include tech talks, round table discussions, and pair programming.

Wix is organized around “companies”. Each company delivers a specific functional part of the Wix Platform. Structuring Wix this way enables everyone to belong to a small, intimate team while still contributing to the larger organization. This structure enables us to keep developer velocity high and bureaucracy low, and to maximize individual impact.

Wix engineers are encouraged to share their knowledge with the entire developers community by speaking at events and conferences, writing blog posts, and contributing to Open Source projects.  



Women in Tech

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At Wix Engineering, we believe diversity is crucial for building a strong culture. Diversity enhances creativity, and induces better decision-making and problem-solving. This is why we've established the Women in Tech Forum, a series of events and get togethers, led by our very own talented and respected female tech managers, with extensive hands-on experience and management skills. Our goal is to help increase women's presence in the tech fields, and inspire both women and men, in hope to make an impact on future generations, promote gender equality, and create a supportive community of like-minded professionals.

If you love technology, are passionate about coding and empowering diversity in the tech world, we invite you to join us. In the meantime, you're welcome to browse our dedicated playlist with all videos from previous meetups.



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