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API First, Microservices and Data Modeling: Wix Engineering TechTalk

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Wix Engineering TechTalk

In the fast-paced world of software development, it’s important to stop our daily coding processes (just for a while!), and take a deep-dive into advanced engineering topics and challenges - in areas such as microservices, scale, deployment and monitoring.

Join Avi Mualem and Oded Apel in this 3-part YouTube show, as they share professional insights and take you into their own experiences and lessons learned from many years of experimenting, learning and practice.

Wix Engineering TechTalk, E01: Intro & API First

In Part 1, “Software Design & APIs First”, Avi and Oded talk about the right way of implementing an “API first” approach in your organization and the challenges it presents:

Wix Engineering TechTalk, E02: Microservices

In this video (episode 2) Avi and Oded talk about the benefits and challenges of using microservices architecture in your organization:

Wix Engineering TechTalk, E03: Data Modeling

In episode 3, Avi and Oded talk about Data Modeling - how to choose the correct storage technology and model your data correctly:


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