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Wix Engineering - Tech Talks Show, Season 1

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

A major part of our engineering culture, amongst many others, is actively participating in the global developers community and sharing the best of our coding expertise and lessons-learned.

This is one of the reasons why we launched a new series of short lectures, “Wix Engineering - Tech Talks Show”, where we address various aspects related to the software engineering practices we deal with, from Ports & Adapters to "SOLID" principles, through cross-platform applications and more. This series of videos has been fully released as “Wix Engineering Tech Talks: Season 1”, featured on our YouTube channel, and on our Facebook page. We’re already working hard on the next season that will be shared soon, with more dev goodies and insights, make sure to stay tuned!

In the following blog post we’ve gathered all the videos from season one - Enjoy:

"SOLID" Principles

// Fayga Derevicher (@faygade)

Robert C. Martin's "SOLID" principles are well-known and widely accepted guidelines for writing maintainable software. In the first episode of our Wix Engineering - Tech Talks Show, Fayga Derevicher explains these principles and demonstrates their usage, with simple and relatable examples. Watch:

Cross-Platform Applications

// Shalev Shalit (@TheShalit)

Cross-Platform Applications are making the mobile development process much simpler, so no wonder they are widely used today in many companies. In the second episode Shalev Shalit explains what Cross-Platform Applications are, why you should use them too, and how you can build your first app.

In this video Shalev refers to “Create your own ScanShare” document. You can find the ScanShare GitHub project here.

Meaningful Code Reviews

// Guy Ben-Moshe (@GBT3101)

There are many different ways to review code, but how many of those methods really help you step up your game as a programmer?

Watch Guy Ben-Moshe, talking about the “Meaningful Code Reviews” method, that aims not only to deliver better code, but also explains how to build yourself (and your reviewee) to become stronger programmers.

Ports & Adapters

// Ofir Attal (@attalofir)

Ports & Adapters is an important part of any architecture in software engineering, no matter which coding language you are using. Those help you create boundaries between the business logic and implementation details, resulting in a scalable project that has the ability to replace any mechanism you want in a very short time, such as changing the DB, the UI or any third-party app your code uses.

In the fourth episode of our Wix Engineering - Tech Talks Show, Ofir Attal simplifies the why, and how we use ports & adapters in a short code example. Ofir also shows a code that violates the architecture and how we can fix that code to align with the ports & adapters architecture.

Practical functional programming: building a JSON parser with Scala

// Amitay Horwitz (@amitayh)

Functional programming is regaining popularity in recent years, but to many, it still seems cryptic and foreign. In this video, Amitay demonstrates how functional programming can solve real, mundane tasks like JSON parsing in a simple and composable way, using monadic parser combinators.

You don’t have to know category theory or what a monad is, in order to understand this video, but knowing Scala will help.

The code is available on GitHub, however, for production use cases, Amitay recommends using something more robust, like Circe. Watch:

Season 2 is now in the making! Stay tuned!


For more engineering updates and insights:


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