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Wix Engineering - Now An Official React Native Partner

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Wix Mobile Guild

After years of contribution and being an active part of the React Native community, as well as having our own Wix apps built using React Native, we're proud to share that we are joining as an official RN partner alongside Meta, Microsoft, Tesla, Shopify and more.

For us, being a React Native partner, is a significant recognition of promoting Open Sources in general, and helping the React Native community in particular.

"It's an honor to be a part of the group that influences and shapes the future of open source. Wix has always supported the open source community but will now take a more proactive role in improving and advancing its efforts. We look forward to sharing our expertise and experience with the global community and providing our developers, and the developer community as a whole, with advanced tools to build native cross-platform mobile apps." - Aviran Mordo, VP of Engineering, Wix.

We’ve been an early adopter of React Native, with one of the largest RN code base in the world while maintaining more than 30 different RN open source projects, including: Detox, RN UILib, RN Navigation, RN Calendars, RN Notifications and more, gaining a total of more than 48K stars and 10K forks.

Besides being announced as an official partner, we also believe in sharing as much of our expertise and experience with the global community. Here’s a taste from our own Wix developers sharing their insights regarding React Native:

Deep Dive Into React Native

An overview of the React Native framework, and a deep-dive into the main building blocks of the framework such as the Bridge, Native Modules, Metro Bundle and the understanding of what really happens during runtime of our application by Lev Vidrak:

Breaking Down React Native

In this episode we follow our Wix mobile engineering guild as they adopt React Native and work with it for several years while building the official Wix app. Listen (and read the full transcript here)

React Native at Wix - The Architecture

In this series of blog post we aim to shed some more light and insights from our experience working with RN at Wix. By Omri Bruchim:

Detox: Writing Stable Test Suites

Detox is our gray box, end-to-end testing and automation framework, for mobile apps. In this post we aimed at helping the reader make Detox tests as solid and as stable as possible. It includes tips on how to write a stable test, issue resolution, and some more advanced usage patterns that can help pinpointing issues and resolving them. Read here and follow @Detoxe2e on Twitter.

How we Implemented Shared Element Transition in react-native-navigation

In this blog post we show a technique that can be used to create a sense of continuity as a user navigates between screens in React Native. Read here and follow @ReactNativeNav on Twitter.

Best Practices for Push Notifications in React Native

Push notifications are a great way to communicate with users and increase engagement. So much so that they became a must have feature for any successful app. At the end of the day one of our goals is to have engaged users that actually open and use our app. Push notifications is a great tool to achieve that. In this article we share d practices for Push Notifications in RN. Read here.


For more engineering updates and insights:


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