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Hearts and Minds: Shaping Dev Culture Through Technical Training

Culture entails what is acceptable or unacceptable in people’s behavior, it's what puts some companies at an advantage in recruiting and retaining.

Culture is a living, breathing thing, constantly changing and evolving. As companies grow, the ratio of junior to senior developers changes in favor of junior developers, yet they are not treated as influencers. They end up learning whatever culture is around them, which is not necessarily the culture the company wanted to instill. Investing in junior developer onboarding can influence and strengthen the culture we want.

We believe we understand the dramatic effects that culture can have on an organization. With that in mind, we produce and orchestrate Kickstart, a developer bootcamp for junior developers joining the Wix Engineering team. The program is based on three key elements: professional training, culture and psychological safety.

Karen Cohen has been leading the Kickstart server program since 2015, read her full article about it.

This post was written by Karen Cohen


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