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Engineering Conferences Around the World: Here’s Where You Can Find Us

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

A major part of our engineering culture is to take an active part in the global developers community and go up on stage at conferences to share the best of our coding expertise. Take a look at this digest for the full talks from 2017.

In the following months we will continue to share our insights at some of these top-rated upcoming events. Here’s a quick list of these conferences. Come and say hello if you are visiting them!

Velocity, October 1-3, New York

Meet our VP of Engineering, Aviran Mordo, and join his talk at Velocity NYC, “You've been arrested by the CAP; you have the right to remain consistent”. Aviran will share and discuss the challenges and real-life use cases of handling data in a distributed environment, exploring real-world patterns used by, which operates hundreds of microservices and petabytes of data across multiple data centers, as well as multiple clouds on a large scale.

KharkivJS, October 6-7, Kharkiv

We're proud to take part in the upcoming KharkivJS conference, one of the largest regional JavaScript event in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Don't miss our talks there by Roman Iakobchuk with "A tale of one request. How Internet works under the hood", Artem Yavorskiy with "Know your audience or how to bundle less", and a team leads oriented lecture by Sergey Bolshchikov "Team Lead! Care about your devs!".

Reversim 2018, October 8-9, TLV

When you visit Reversim 2018 in Tel-Aviv, do not miss Moran Weber, Yonatan Mevorach, Eyal Eizenberg, Morad Stern and Jonathan Avinor’s talks!

Scientifically backed techniques to write better code, mastering the art of the JS AST, empowering your personal brand, and building DOOM minesweeper game with React, Redux & Typescript - we cover all of that!

JDD Conference, October, 8-9, Poland

One of the largest IT event within the Polish Java community, gathering speakers from all around the world. In this talk, enriched with live coding, our very own, Volodymyr Tsukur, will show GraphQL in real, practical action under Java sauce, elaborate on our experience with GraphQL at Wix and explain how it compares to REST.

Devops Stage, October 12-13, Kyiv

Hosting the talks about DevOps methodology, DevSecOps, architecture, approaches, toolset, platforms, and cloud solutions, DevOpsStage is one of the leading conferences for DevOps professionals in Ukraine. Our very own Alex Bezpalko and Alexey Fun-Young will be there on stage.

JFuture 2018, October 13, Belarus

JFuture Conference creates a space for skilled enthusiasts to research Java crossroads with emerging technologies, science, and art. In this conference you'll find Marharyta Nedzelska, who will cover the basics of gRPC, protocol buffers, and the pros/cons for its usage. Marharyta's talk will be supported with a strong hands-on part.

Droidcon TLV, October 18, TLV

Come to visit our booth at one of the largest Android conference in Europe, where you can find out about the latest Android advances, listen to expert speakers and meet the international Android community.

Voxxed Days Ticino 2018, October 20, Switzerland

The upcoming Voxxed Days are dedicated to the Italian dev community blended with rock star international speakers. Our very own, Marharyta Nedzelska, will talk about Kotlin as a language for the lazy (but still talented engineers).

Web Standards Days, October 27, Kyiv

Held by the Web Standards community since 2009, every time in a different city, the Web Standards Days conference covers front-end and web standards, and everything in between. Looking forward to seeing you there!

React-Next, November 4, TLV

Held in the center of Tel Aviv, React-Next is a notable event that welcomes over 600 attendees from around the world united by the shared passion for React. It is for both beginner and experienced devs, organized in two parallel tracks with sessions about React, React Native, Redux, MobX, and everything about the ecosystem. We’ll be rockin’ the stage there as well, with our very own Ofir Dagan and Yonatan Mevorah who will take part and share their expertise on React-Next stage.

Lambada World, October 25-26, Cádiz

We’re honoured to have our very own, Amit Anafy, at Lambada World Conference, one of the largest Functional programming events in the Europe. The event is taking place in Cádiz, one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

Looking for a partner to write Scala code with? A partner you can joke with about how “for” loops just look bad? Interested in learning how others write Scala code? If all of the above sound like you, then you better not miss out on Amit’s workshop, where you’ll explore the Scala way-of-life by engaging in pair programming with developers you just met.

LvivCSS, November 10-11, Lviv

LvivCSS 2018 is all about the chemistry between designers and developers, emerging and evolution of new visualization methods, new UX concepts, and the unusual applications of unusual technologies. Come and visit us at our Wix Engineering booth!

Scale By the Bay 2018, Nov 14-17, San Francisco

Attending Scale By The Bay? Fantastic! Make sure to join Alon Muchnick’s session where he will take a deep look into the JVM to show how Scala does its magic by examining the bytecode and classes that are being generated. Alon will also explain how debug symbols can help IDEs debug our code in an easy and friendly way.

Build Stuff, November 14-18, Vilnius

The place where people share insights about the latest innovations, trends, and developments in the software development industry. This year, you can find our very own Milda Glebauskaitė sharing her expertise with inherited code. How to deal with it and how to test it, especially when we talk about the legacy code that tends to be untestable.

DEVOXX Ukraine, November 23-24, Kyiv

DEVOXX Ukraine’s agenda will include multiple cutting-edge technologies and trends, such as Full-stack Java, JVM Languages, Machine Learning, and Data Science.

This year, you can find our very own, Marharyta Nedzelska, who will cover the basics of gRPC, protocol buffers, and the pros/cons for its usage, and Natan Silnitsky, that will give his talk "Living on the bleeding edge: Lessons Learned for Successful Migration to Bazel and Google Cloud Build".

Codemotion 2018, Nov 29-30, Milan

As one of the biggest tech conference in Italy and one of the most important in Europe, we honoured to have Amitay Horwitz on Codemotion’s stage describing the key components of an event sourced system and how simple building blocks can be combined using the powerful and declarative streams API.


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