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Testing with Protractor

Daniela Green

In this talk, we will cover the frameworks that Protractor relies on, including the Jasmine framework, Selenium and WebDriverJS. We'll compare Protractor E2E testing with Java E2E testing and talk about the impact the asynchronous WebDriver API has on our test code. We'll also show some techniques we can use to capture DOM elements in Angular apps and explain the Protractor synchronization mechanism that helps us avoid unnecessary Wait and Sleep method calls.


"Daniela Green is a front-end developer. She started her way at Wix 5 years ago as an automation developer and switched to front-end development after 2 years. Since then, Daniela developed “Wix Hotels” - an all in one platform for managing hotels, and for the past 2 years, she's been focusing on developing “Wix Stores”, the e-Commerce platform of Wix.

Since the beginning, her development included tests while implementing TDD all the way.

Daniela truly believes that tests are the gatekeeper of our code."

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