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Yossi Goldstein: Head of Big Data Infra

Big data architecture, Career growth, Engineering culture, Dev advocacy & Personal branding

  • 30 min
  • Online

Service Description

Yossi Goldstein has over 15 years of experience building distributed data-intensive SaaS applications and growing the awesome teams that make them. Yossi currently serves as the Head of R&D for Wix’s Big Data and Analytics Platform, providing the infrastructure and tools that keep Wix and its users “Data Driven”. He is passionate about growing technical leaders, solving complex problems at scale and designing platforms that other engineers enjoy using. Yossi believes that the secret sauce for creating sustainable complex systems is good design practices, effective communication between people, and automating everything. In his day to day he works tirelessly on building the culture necessary to support these values and propagate them to others, one pep-talk at a time. Before Wix, Yossi worked in technical leadership roles at companies like Proofpoint, Citi and Checkmarx. In his spare time, when not taking care of his 2 small kids and garden, Yossi loves investing his time in dev advocacy on stage in conference talks and online in blog posts. Sharing his thoughts and passion on varied topics like engineering culture, career management and big data software architecture.

Contact Details

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