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Aviva Peisach: Head Backend Engineering

Engineering communities and culture, personal & organizational growth

  • 30 min
  • Online

Service Description

Aviva Peisach is leading Wix's server engineering guild and is an R&D manager of the Wix Identity company within Wix. Aviva has been leading R&D teams for over 25 years and worked as VP R&D and engineering director in a variety of startups and corporations. Aviva also founded the Women in Tech forum - a bi-monthly meetup focusing on empowerment, diversity and technology. She is super passionate about continued growth, knowledge sharing and making a positive impact on people, technology and products. Aviva is also a proud mother of 3 kids, a wife of 1 husband, a passionate belly dancer, baker and children’s book author. You can chat with Aviva about building engineering communities, shaping engineering culture, personal and organizational growth, building your brand, engineering leadership or about one of her passions - engineering resilience (resilient design, monitoring, troubleshooting, effective post mortems & more), Women in tech - how to achieve empowerment & diversity.

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