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Anat Polachek: Head of Data Engineering

Data, efficient time management, personal & professional growth, leadership and career planning.

  • 30 min
  • Online

Service Description

Anat Polachek is leading Wix's data engineering guild. Anat has been working in the data domain for the past 15 years, with hands-on experience in BI and dashboarding, data engineering, data analysis and data science. She led data teams in several companies in the Israeli high-tech industry before joining Wix, where she gradually grew from a data engineering TL to her current role as head of guild. Anat is passionate about data architectures, efficient teamwork between different stakeholders and professional growth of engineers. She is always looking for new ways for her guild to bring impact to Wix and be meaningful in the product lifecycle. On a personal level, Anat lives in Lehavim with her husband and 3 kids. She likes running and learning French when she is not working or on the train to TLV. You can chat with Anat about anything related to data, efficient time management, personal and professional growth, building your self-confidence, planning your career and leadership-related topics.

Contact Details

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