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The Art of Test Patterns

Arye Lukashevski

Looking at some tests today can give you a sense of clutter. Tests should help you with the project, but they must have structure. Without it they just look messy and add maintenance cost to the project. In this talk Arye presents different approaches to organize the test code, hopefully to bring order back into our tests (and lives). We’ll discuss why tests are critical to your projects' success and what other goals are achievable when utilizing those tests. To wrap it all up, we’ll go over a few principles to boost your tests and anti-patterns, and of course, how to tackle them.


Arye is a Front-end developer at Wix, With more than 5 years of Developing and Leading teams from Idea to production. In the past three years, Arye was a part of the Wix CRM platform group and is focused on building stunning consumer-facing apps.

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