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Ports and Adapters Architecture

Ofir Attal

As far as project management goes, most of us tend to use the common Agile methodologies. But as our project scales up, our code becomes less maintainable and far less flexible for changes - until we get to a point where Agile just isn't working anymore. In this talk, we’ll address this painful issue and discuss how to help our code retain its agility, without using Agile. We’ll see how proper architecture can help us and which methods are available to us.


Ofir Attal - Ofir is a Front-end developer at Wix, he has over 10 years of experience in writing code in a variety of technologies and consulting for companies. In the last couple of years, Ofir is a part of the Wix Bookings team, and has been working with Angular, React, and React Native, advocating clean code, TDD, and software architecture.

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