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Name in Vain: Improving Design One Word at a Time

Boris Litvinsky

As developers, we all appreciate readable code. Yet we tend to neglect the one thing that makes it so - naming. This negligence however, tends to impact our code in a far greater capacity than we realize. In fact, it threatens the one thing we care about most - software design. In this talk we’ll rediscover the importance of naming, explore the anatomy of bad name and see what makes a good one.


Boris is a software developer since age 16, having experience in mobile development, backend systems and for the past 4 years – client side development. During his career, Boris got a chance to work in companies of various sizes – from garage-stage startup to a colossal corporate environments. He has immense passion for well-written, highly maintainable, well tested code. Boris believes that products internal code quality has a direct impact on software’s external quality – the business value the product gives the management and the product owner

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