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Helping First Time Managers Overcome the Dunning-Kruger Effect

Shai Kfir

It is known that developers don't necessarily make good managers, yet most companies (us included!) make the mistake of "promoting" the best developers to managerial positions. A developer transitioning to be a manager deals with various difficulties, e.g., a new team structure, and managing people who until recently were co-workers. Most tech companies offer very little, if any, training for first-time managers; without the tools, training, or even having a clue as to what their job is, it's no wonder that many first-time managers fail. In this talk Shai will discuss some of the mistakes we’ve made at Wix and the system we’re working on now to support managers making their first steps including coaching, training and teaching.


"Shai Kfir has been a developer for 20 years and a manager for 6. Shai is also a certified life coach and serves as a mentor for new managers. Shai co-facilitates the new managers course at Wix R&D. Shai runs a blog about management and leadership, and a facebook page where he shares his insights and inspiring resources from the interwebs."

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