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Detox — Graybox E2E Tests Library for React Native

Rotem Mizrachi Meidan

High velocity native mobile development requires us to adopt continuous integration workflows, which means our reliance on manual QA has to drop significantly. The most difficult part of automated testing on mobile is the tip of the testing pyramid – End-to-End tests. The core problem with E2E tests is flakiness – tests are usually not deterministic. React Native makes flakiness worse due to the async nature of the bridge. We believe the only way to tackle flakiness head on is by moving from blackbox testing to graybox testing and that’s where detox comes into play. The library synchronizes with the lifecycle of the app, including React Native core, making tests finally deterministic.


Rotem is a Software Engineer, open source advocate, passionate about Android, React Native, mobile performance, writing developer tools and Lego! In his current position at Wix, Rotem is working with React Native, writing infrastructure and testing tools.

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