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A Better Approach for Testing Microservices: Testkits

Maxim Novak

Microservices are the new black; everyone is using them. Alas, when your system is composed of many microservices, testing becomes more challenging. The straight-forward approach for e2e testing no longer suffices and for integration tests it doesn’t even exist. A better way to test in this kind of an environment would be to work with a testkit of the microservice you are interacting with. By the end of this talk, you will learn how to create a testkit that covers your microservice. Testing this way will grant you a much higher level of confidence, and will portray a more accurate picture of your assumptions vs. reality. Overall it will make any integration between microservices easier, and thus benefit your colleagues and make your company progress faster.


Maxim is full of enthusiasm for innovation, and passionate about technology. Total of 8 years R&D experience including developing, designing, and leading large scale software projects.In the last two years - an avid SCALA advocate! Currently working on various back-end projects that empower Wix's platform to serve over 80 Million site.

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