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As part of our engineering culture, we share parts of our code with the open source community, and regularly contribute to our favorite existing projects.  

React Native Under the Hood

Rotem Mizrachi Meidan

React Native enables writing native apps in JavaScript, but under the hood there’s quite a complex mechanism that could easily be misused. This talk will help gain better understanding on how react-native ...

The Secret Life of Side Projects

Ofir Dagan

So you’re a ninja software engineer, and you work at a really cool company. You love your job but a curious mind like yourself might want to expand your horizons and learn a new language / platform, and ...

A Day in a Life of a Wix Developer

Ofir Dagan

Wix is a unique company. We deploy to production once every 3 minutes on average. Wix's devs are responsible for every aspect of their product. We’re responsible for writing tests for our new features. ...

React and ES6, a Match Made in Heaven

Dan Shappir

Both React and ES6 can provide a significant productivity boost for developing applications in JavaScript. When combined, this productivity boost is increased even more. In this session I conduct live-coding ...

Things You Can Do in ES6 that Can't Be Done in ES5

Dan Shappir

ES6 and ES7 introduce many new features and capabilities to the JavaScript language. And yet, the majority of these enhancements are essentially syntactic sugar over the previous version. This is why ...

Make it Faster!

Dan Shappir

From BUILD STUFF 2017 conferences, Dan Shappir is a Performance Specialist at, focusing on making +80 million sites hosted on the Wix platform load and execute faster. Dan is a twenty year software development veteran, having worked ...

Name in Vain: Improving Design One Word at a Time

Boris Litvinsky

As developers, we all appreciate readable code. Yet, we tend to neglect the one thing that makes it so - naming. This negligence however, tends to impact our code in far greater capacity than we realize. ...

Name in Vain: Improving Design One Word at a Time

Boris Litvinsky

As developers, we all appreciate readable code. Yet, we tend to neglect the one thing that makes it so - naming. This negligence however, tends to impact our code in far greater capacity than we realize. ...

Better Testing with Component Drivers

Gabi Grinberg

The Front-end world is moving fast, and with an overwhelming bunch of technologies to choose from, it's easy to get scared and focus on the "how" and not the "what", especially when it comes to UI, where ...

The Blind Spot of TDD

Amit Anafi

A lot has been said about how TDD (Test-Driven Development) is great for building up a developer’s confidence when changing code. However, TDD has its blind spots. By definition, you can't test what you ...

Developing Event-Driven Microservices with Event Sourcing and CQRS

Lidan Hifi

In this talk I will cover the principles of event sourcing pattern, how to model your data and implement business logic using this pattern and how to improve your system through the segregation of reads ...

Building DSLs in Scala

Alon Muchnik

DSLs are everywhere. Have you ever used SQL, Ant or maybe HTML? If so you were using a DSL, maybe without realizing it. Domain-Specific Languages, or DSLs, provide convenient syntactical means of expressing ...

TDD for the Curious

Amitay Horwitz

A lot has been said about TDD with the rise of the agile software development movement. However, it’s still confusing for both novice and experienced programmers. In my talk, I’ll explain what TDD is ...

Microservices and the Devops Journey

Aviran Mordo

Switching from a monolithic to a microservices architecture is no easy task. At Wix, it was a 5 year journey, but we now have over 200 microservices successfully running on a battle-tested production ...

Slaying the Dragon - How to Re-write an Old Project and Stay Alive

Dalia Simons

Every grownup company has them: old and important projects, that you really want to re-write but don’t know where to start. In this talk I will show you one right way to do it, including ideas, tips and strategy.

Experimenting on Humans - A/B Tests and Feature Toggles

Dalia Simons

When was the last time you deployed a feature to production? How did you know it was successful? How did you know you didn’t harm your user’s experience ? In this talk I’ll introduce how we use our Experiments ...

Rock-Solid Shell Scripting with Ammonite

Maxim Novak

Are you tired of Bash scripts? Do you always forget the syntax, Googling the same commands over and over again? Don’t like Bash's dynamic nature?We deserve better than that! Ammonite enables shell-like ...

Journey to Functional Programming

Igal Tabachnik

Functional programming sounds great, in principle, but can it actually deliver on its promise of building highly scalable, predictable, composable and testable applications? In this lecture, Igal teaches us how to build just about any kind of software in a purely functional way in Scala, from first principles.

From the Academy to the Industry

Eitan Rousso

In this talk I’ll share with you the process of moving from the academy to the "real world” of the constantly changing high-tech industry. I’ll share my personal experience as a manager as well as a developer, ...

Why there Aren’t More Women in Tech

Moran Weber

There has been a substantial increase in the percentage of women who studied in the Academia ever since the 1960s; an increase that was more or less equal in all fields. But something happened in the ...

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