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Looking Back at 2019 - Wix Engineering Blog

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Wix Engineering blog tells the story of our daily challenges and how we solved them. Throughout 2019, we shared our experience, insights and thoughts on engineering culture, architecture, scaling, mobile, frontend and backend, open source, and more. All written by our very own Wix engineers.

We always aim to share technical content that will enrich the global developer community, spark discussion and encourage everyone to take a deeper look into code.

Build Your Own webpack in 30 Minutes”, where Ronen Amiel explains how module bundlers actually work, is a great example of taking that one step further and peeking under the hood, as well as “Scaling up Wix Pages Storage”, where Eyal Malron tells the story of conducting his Scaling alternatives research after persistency scale issues started hitting his team.

Trim the Fat From Your Bundles Using Webpack Analyzer & React Lazy/Suspense”, written by Eyal Eizenberg is also an interesting post to highlight, as it was one of the popular articles and was also shared by Addy Osmani:

Open Source

Contributing to the community and promoting Open Source projects are both huge parts of our culture at Wix Engineering. And we love writing about them.

From Kampos, a cross-browser tool for applying filter effects on video, to Quix, our notebook manager for fast and easy data exploration, and Glean, a React refactoring tool-belt for Visual Studio Code.

In 2019 we also introduced the world to Exodus, our tool to automate build configuration migration. You can review more projects on our dedicated OSS page and visit us on GitHub.

Sharing Knowledge via Videos

We also launched a new video series: Wix Engineering tech talk show (Season 1), alongside more of Wix Engineering open meetup videos you’ll find in our YouTube channel, sorted into Frontend, Backend and Mobile engineering playlists.

Joel Spolsky!

In 2019 we had the honor to host Stack Overflow’s CEO, Joel Spolsky, for a special meetup where he shared great stories and anecdotes - from starting his popular blog “Joel on Software” to co-founding Stack Overflow, and how both have impacted the developer community. Watch:

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