Wix offices are home to a creative group of professionals who bring passion, skill, and innovation to ensure they provide a product that people love to use.

Meet Our People

Yaniv Even-Haim


Amit Kaufman

Head of Editor Company

Ittai Zeidman

Backend Engineering Manager

Adam Spektor

Head of infrastructure

Dan Shappir

Performance Tech Lead

Mor Gilad

Front End Developer at Wix Code

Ofir Dagan

R&D Manager

Maxim Novak

Team Leader

Shlomi Toussia Cohen

FED Team Lead

Ofir Attal

Frontend Engineer

Shahar Talmi

Head of Frontend Guild

Aviran Mordo

Head of Engineering

Dalia Simons

Backend Engineering Architect

Sivan Ruth Brezniak

Editor group R&D manager

Karen Cohen

Product Architect and Engineering Manager

Moran Weber

Training tech lead, senior FED

Guy Ben Moshe

Front End Developer

Boris Litvinsky

Frontend Engineer

Yael Hermon

Frontend Developer

Anna Tsibulskaya

System Engineer

Roman Yakobchuk

Kyiv FED Guild Lead

Yoav Abrahami

Head of Wix code

Shai Kfir

Production Operations

Sergey Bolshchikov

Engineering Manager

Lidan Hifi

Team Lead

Tomas Miliauskas

Frontend Guild Lead

Rotem Mizrachi Meidan

Mobile Infrastructure Engineer

Olga Diadenko

Data Scientist

Dvir Cooper

Frontend Engineering Manager

Yair Haimovitch

R&D Team Lead at ADI

Guy Sopher

R&D Team Lead at Photography

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At Wix Engineering we develop some of the most innovative cloud-based web applications that influence our +180 million users worldwide.

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