Opportunities at Wix Engineering


So, who are you?

We are Wix Engineering, the developers behind the popular website platform, Wix.com. At Wix Engineering, we are always on the lookout for talented and experienced developers to join our engineering journey. . Come and help us empower our +150 millions users across 190 countries, in creating, building and expanding their online presence and global outreach - literally changing their lives for the better.


Can you tell me more about working in Wix Engineering?

Wix has a unique engineering culture and structure, allowing you to fully be part of the product development cycle. All that, and more, while honing your technological skills, and constantly learning and evolving within your professional guild.

We offer the best of both worlds: a company that serves the different needs of our millions of users worldwide, alongside the satisfaction of leading small, independent R&D and product teams. Some see it as having many startups within one, big world-class startup.


What types of projects will I work on?

You’ll work at the core of the most exciting products Wix has to offer, such as CRM, OS and Wix Bookings. You can expect to explore new ideas and devote your ingenuity to groundbreaking work with one of the most professional engineering teams in Israel.


Why should I work at Wix Be’er Sheva?

You get to be part of an exciting startup environment. The Be’er Sheva office is a key R&D site, embracing the latest technologies, cloud platforms and best-practice methodologies to build products that people love to use. We offer a rewarding mix of top industry talent, challenging coding projects that push your thinking, plenty of opportunities for personal and professional growth—and lots of time for fun.


How big is the engineering team in Be’er Sheva?

+80 amazing people—and growing fast.


What happens after I apply?

You’ll get a confirmation message if your application was submitted successfully. From there, all you have to do is sit tight and keep coding. Our team will review your submission, andCV. iIf you seem like a good fit, we’ll give you a call/email to talk about your next steps.

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At Wix Engineering we develop some of the most innovative cloud-based web applications that influence our +180 million users worldwide.

Have any questions?
Email: wixeng@wix.com

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