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Why there Aren’t More Women in Tech

Moran Weber

There has been a substantial increase in the percentage of women who studied in the Academia since the 1960s; an increase that was more or less equal in all fields. But something happened in the 1980s that made this percentage drop, solely in the computer science field. Those numbers haven’t changed much since then. In this talk, Moran explains the factors and processes that account for these numbers, providing some statistics from the current Israeli market. She then continues by demonstrating how gender stereotypes affect our reality and shape our experience, perceptions, thoughts and behaviours, even when they’re totally unconscious. Finally, Moran offers practical suggestions that can lead to actual change.


I am a senior Front-End Developer with more than 8 years of experience in software development and a Social Psychologist. I started working for Wix 5 years ago at the editor group and recently joined Wix Academy as a Training Tech Lead.
Other than being a developer, I’m also a Social Psychologist. That is I hold an MA in Social Psychology, along with a BSc in Computer Science and Psychology from Tel-Aviv University.
I’m passionate about clean maintainable code and enjoy reading and writing while constantly consuming new information on just about anything.

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