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The Secret Life of Side Projects

Ofir Dagan

So you’re a ninja software engineer, and you work at a really cool company. You love your job but a curious mind like yourself might want to expand your horizons and learn a new language / platform, and get a taste of the marketing and product worlds as well. Last but not least, last night while having beers with your mates you had a vision of the next big thing and you gotta write it! This is exactly what happened to me. In this talk I will share my two cents about why doing side projects are important for self development and how I was able to learn a new language, write an app, monitor it, market it, write a blog post about it, man hunt the perfect hire candidate using open source, write a Facebook chat bot and more. Then I’ll do a short overview on how I’ve built the Facebook bot using NodeJS + React.


Hi I'm Ofir, a hands on software team leader at In the last 3+ years I've worked a lot with react and angular and developed wix's dashboard from scratch. In the last year I’ve been leading the Wix CRM Mobile team, writing Wix’s mobile app in react native. I'm also a mentor at WIX academy (WIX's training program) and I like speaking about software in all of its forms. Besides programming, I'm an adrenaline enthusiastic. From my latest hobby sailing to climbing, bungee through surfing, diving skiing and snowboarding. If it has adrenaline I've done it.

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