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The Joy of Scala

Maxim Novak

Around eight years ago I started my journey as a developer. Since then, I've played around with many languages and was under the impression that C# offers the best developer productivity. But after joining Wix two years ago, I got to know the amazing world of Scala and Functional Programming and never looked back. In Scala the code is much more concise, less ceremonious, immutable by default, combines functional with object oriented, seamlessly interoperates with Java, and many software engineering patterns are already baked into the language. Most importantly - Scala is FUN! By the end of the session you too will, hopefully, convert to Scala and never look back.


Maxim is full of enthusiasm for innovation, and passionate about technology. Total of 8 years R&D experience including developing, designing, and leading large scale software projects.In the last two years - an avid SCALA advocate! Currently working on various back-end projects that empower Wix's platform to serve over 80 Million site.

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