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A Day in a Life of a Wix Developer

Ofir Dagan

Wix is a unique company. We deploy to production once EVERY 3 MINUTES on average. Developers at Wix are responsible for every aspect of their product. We’re responsible for writing tests for our new features (we do not rely on QA or automation for that). We’re responsible for deploying our code to production (there are no release managers at Wix). Lastly, we’re responsible for monitoring our systems in production. In this talk I'll go through Wix Engineering's core values and show a glimpse to the day to day job of a Wix developer.


Hi I'm Ofir, a hands on software team leader at In the last 3+ years I've worked a lot with react and angular and developed wix's dashboard from scratch. In the last year I’ve been leading the Wix CRM Mobile team, writing Wix’s mobile app in react native. I'm also a mentor at WIX academy (WIX's training program) and I like speaking about software in all of its forms. Besides programming, I'm an adrenaline enthusiastic. From my latest hobby sailing to climbing, bungee through surfing, diving skiing and snowboarding. If it has adrenaline I've done it.

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